1931 Chevy has a long Garner history

Joe Gibbs and his 1931 Chevy.

Rebecca Peter | The Leader

GARNER - Among the many antique and classic cars to appear in the Duesey Days Parade and car show is a 1931, five passenger Coupe Chevrolet, owned by Joe and Kathy Gibbs.

Joseph Klesel purchased the car new in 1931 from Garner Motor Sales (later K&S Chevrolet) He owned it until his death in 1958.

The car was next sold to a young construction worker the summer of 1958. The young man owed a $69 bill to Joe’s father, Asa. who operated Ace DX Service, in Garner.

“He said he could send the money or give my dad the car,” Joe said.

Asa took the car in payment for the debt. At Joe’s urging Asa kept the car.

 “Asa kept the car because of the unique body style and its name,” Joe explained. “It is actually a five-passenger coupe, which is kind of strange in that that the word coupe denotes a car without a back seat and the car has one – but Chevrolet called it a coupe as opposed to a two-door sedan.”

Another unique feature is the built-into-the-body trunk.

“Most all cars of that era had actual trucks strapped to the back or side of the car for storage,” Gibbs continued. “Hence the name trunk came to denote the built-into the body storage of the cars of today.”

Twenty years ago, Asa gave the car to Joe and Kathy. Over the years, Joe has had the interior reupholstered using the original straw in the seats, the roof material changed, the wheels painted and new tires – taking care that each change would be authentic to that model of Chevy.

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