Aitchison resigns from Britt City Council position

            On Sept. 25 councilman Bryan Aitchison turned in a letter of resignation to the City of Britt.

            The letter was read aloud by Mayor Ryan Arndorfer at the meeting that evening.

            Aitchison cited personal reasons and a busy schedule balancing work, family and traveling as to why he has decided to step down.

            “I will continue to support the city in any way possible and I am proud of the accomplishments that have once again taken place during my time,” Aitchison wrote. “Please accept the fact that I am human, have a huge heart for my city, but can no longer play that superman role no matter how hard I try at times.”

            Arndorfer offered a thanks on behalf of the council to Aitchison, especially for his work involved with the Park and Recreation department.

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