Britt City Council approves 28E agreement with Rural Fire Department

            Britt City Council met at its usual time on March 6 in the Municipal Building.

            After department reports, the council set the date for a special meeting to approve the appointment and employment agreement of the new city clerk and administrator.

            The city set the date the same night of the budget hearing which happened on Tuesday.

            The council then discussed the costs for the aquatic memberships due to a complaint from a citizen.

            The council looked over different forms of pricing for singles, couples and family passes, trying to work out a fair price.

            The council agreed that the description of a couple needed to change.

            “Legally we need to get romantically involved out of the description,” Mayor Ryan Arndorfer said.

            A motion was offered for the price of $65 for a single, $100 for a couple, two adults residing at the same residence and $130 to a household.

            Stacy Swenson and Chad Luecht voted yes on the issue, Curt Gast and Paul Verbrugge voted no; Aitchison was absent.

            The issue was tabled for the next regular meeting.

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