City announces 2017 sidewalk program

By Rebecca Peter

GARNER – Since 2008, the City of Garner has carried out a systematic program of sidewalk repair or new construction throughout Garner. The city council continued the initiative at the April 11 meeting, with approval of the program for 2017.

This year’s program will affect about 40 property owners, according to Randy Lansing, city administrator.

The 2017 Sidewalk Program includes five blocks between the railroad tracks (N), Seymour Avenue (E), East 3rd Street (S), and State Street (W).  The 2017 Sidewalk Program also includes East 2nd Street from Seymour Avenue to the east city limits. 

For residential sidewalks, the city will cover half of the cost up to $500 of new sidewalk or sidewalk replacement, and up to $750 for lots with over 175-feet of sidewalk to construct or replace. 

For commercial sidewalks, the city will reimburse half of the cost of new sidewalk or sidewalk replacement.

Notices for repair and replacement of defective sidewalk or construction of new sidewalks were mailed to property owners. Property owners have until Aug. 31to complete the repairs or construction.

In a related matter, letters will be sent to the residents of the Wildridge Estate Subdivision regarding construction of the East 2nd Street Sidewalk Project.

Lansing presented two options for Wildridge Estates Subdivision property owners for contributing to the cost of a sidewalk along East 2nd in lieu of installing new sidewalks along the cul-de-sacs.

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