City of Britt makes decision on golf cart ordinance

            A few weeks of discussion came to a head on July 2 when the Britt City Council made its decision on potential changes to the golf cart ordinance.

            Via citizen request, the council had discussed the possibility of allowing 14-year-old and older drivers to operate golf carts in city limits.

            Currently, only licensed drivers and permit holder over the age of 16 are able to drive golf carts.

            Police Chief Mark Anderson was present to voice his opinion, opposing the idea from the beginning.

            “I know what I did on golf carts [at 14] and other objects I was able to drive other than a car,” Anderson said.

            Anderson consulted with City Attorney Earl Hill on the implications of changing the ordinance

            “A moped is a two-wheeled object, that makes you drive with some sense,” Anderson concluded. “Unless you enjoy falling off a moped at 25 miles per hour and [getting injured], that’s on you.”

            Anderson elaborated further saying that the few “bad apples” who would ignore the rules would eventually lead to the town needing to revisit the ordinance and potentially putting in even more restrictive rules.

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