City opposes Alliant rate increase

GARNER – The Garner City Council went on record opposing a potential rate increase by Alliant Energy in 2020.

The city joins a number of communities across Iowa who have gone on record in opposition of the 24.45 percent increase (or about $240 per year) by 2020

Alliant Energy has asked the Iowa Utilities Board to approve a 2019 rate increase that will raise base rates 24.45 percent for residential customers, 18.36 percent for general service customers, and 25.29 percent for large general service customers.

Alliant Energy officials say the new increase would be applied to the base rate portion of a customer’s bill and is vital for infrastructure upgrades for bolstering the utility’s stock of wind turbines. Alliant argues that the investments in 1,000 megawatts of wind have cut down on faster increases in costs.

At the Sept. 24 meeting, the Garner council approved resolution stating Alliant’s “rapidly rising rates are causing serious hardship for law- and moderate- income households, fixed income, small businesses, industries, non-profit institutions, educational institution and the City of Garner”

The resolution also says that Alliant’s rapidly raising rates are “creating a serious hindrance for economic development in the City of Garner.”

Read the complete story in the Oct. 2 Leader.

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