GHV board discusses attendance goals for 2019-20

GARNER – Goals for student attendance and student achievement for the 2019-20 school year at Garner-Hayfield-Ventura, were discussed at the July 8 school board meeting.

 “One of the things the board asked for this year but it was difficult for the administrators to monitor was tardies,” said Superintendent Tyler Williams.

The board goal regarding student attendance at GHV is worded: “GHVCSD will continue to emphasize the importance of student attendance by increasing the student attendance percentage over the previous year at each building and begin including tardies as a measurement of attendance.

“Through building principals, parents will be notified when their son/daughter has been absent from school for three days. If a child is then absent five days, another notification between the school and parents will occur. A second notification is intended to reinforce the policy and the importance of regular school attendance and to continue to communicate with parents.

“If a student is then absent seven days, a cooperation agreement will be created between the school and the family. After nine absences, a mediation meeting will be set up between the family, the GHV school, and the Hancock County attorney. Any absences after this may result in truancy charges.”

“It’s the parents’ responsibility to get kids here,” Williams explained.

The superintendent recommended postponing action on student achievement goals until November when the results of student achievement testing taken in April and next October are known.

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