GHV coach Josh Banse serves as role model

GHV coach Josh Banse and son, Kadyn.


            Much of Josh Banse’s day-to-day life can be identified by one element.

            Working with youth.

            As a staff member at Garner-Hayfield-Ventura and a coach, Banse interacts with students and players from elementary school to high school.

            Banse has been coaching various sports for over seven years.

            Banse lives in Garner with his wife, Brooke, and 11-year-old son Kadyn.

            Currently Banse assists boys’ soccer with defense and goal keeping, boys’ basketball on defense, football on offense and coaches the youth soccer and basketball teams which his son Kadyn plays on.

            Banse is the JV coach for basketball and the offensive coordinator for JV football.

            This is Banse’s first year helping the boys’ soccer team, having spent five years coaching the girls’ team.

            He felt it was time to move on from the program and give another coach a chance to lead the girls.

            It isn’t the title that Banse cares about when he’s coaching.

            Banse focuses on being a positive role model for his players. 

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