Gold Eagle and North Central co-ops to merge

            On Wednesday, voting members of North Central Cooperative and Gold Eagle Cooperative came to the voting decision to merge under the Gold Eagle banner.

            The two co-ops, which have locations in Kanawha, Hutchins, Corwith, Woden and Wesley, will officially unite as one operation on Oct. 1.

            North Central and Gold Eagle have been competitors for years due to their geographic territories.

            “They’re quite unique and mesh together very nicely,” Gold Eagle General Manager Brad Davis said.

            The high yields that the fertile soil both co-ops operate on has seen both companies grow successfully.

            Soon members of NCC and Gold Eagle will have their ownership spread out through both co-ops.  

            “I think our board of directors and management teams all believe we can add to that success by combining forces,” Davis said. “It’s all a drive to be more efficient.”

            Currently, it’s a matter of sorting out how the two entities will operate on a corporate level.

            Davis said that likely the way each co-op location operates won’t change much, but it will give both sides much more opportunity to succeed.

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