Hobo Day Association releases the final Britt print

"Hometown Celebration" by J.D. Speltz.

Curran McLaughlin | The Leader

            The Hobo Day Association Committee is selling prints of a J.D. Speltz painting through the end of July.

            In the early 2000s, a series of prints were made highlighting landmarks around the town of Britt.

            The painting, titled “Hometown Celebration,” is the final print of the series.

            “I was talking to J.D. Speltz one day and he said ‘you realize you never finished out your contract. We need to finish your fourth print,’” Hobo Day Association Board Member Linda Hughes said.

            The previous three prints were done for a different organization.

            But, with the Hobo Day Association taking control of the Hobo Museum in May, the committee saw the chance to raise funds by putting out the final print.

            “After you sell so many of them, the cost of it is all covered and taken care of,” committee member Ryan Arndorfer said. “We’ve already covered that cost for him to do it. Now everything we sell comes back as a profit after the cost of getting prints made.”

            The theme of the print is an embodiment of the old main street of Britt during the Hobo Days Convention.

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