Kanawha to smokesewer lines

    The Kanawha City Council discussed excess water flowing into the city's sanitary sewer during their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 11.

    Only water originating from the city's water system is intended to enter the sanitary sewer, but Public Works Director David Spangler says that over the past two years the amount of water in the system has vastly exceeded the amount that is supposed to be in there.

    "I've got ungodly flow going into the sanitary sewer system," said Spangler.

    The excess water coincides with recent rainy weather, indicating a leak somewhere in the sanitary sewer allowing storm runoff to infiltrate the system. Another possible cause could also be residents with improperly connected sump pumps pushing storm water from basements into the sanitary system.

    In either case, the city approved a $3,000 bid for smoke testing to be done to search for leaks in the sanitary sewer. This testing will be performed at the same time patch work is done on some of the system's already known leaks.

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