New official seal for Hancock County

GARNER – The redesigned seal for Hancock County was unveiled at Monday’s meeting of the Hancock County Board of Supervisors. All Hancock County offices that require an official county seal on documents will use the seal. The seal can be used in a digital format or embossed.

Redesigning the county seal came about earlier this spring when an amendment to House File 652 required that a digital image of the county seal must be on ballots.

Auditor Michelle Eisenman proposed creating a universal seal that could be used by all offices rather than multiple seals.

Eisenman said the new seal meets the Iowa Code requirements. It is also simple in design, which is in keeping with the recommendation of supervisors in May.

East entrance

Supervisors discussed how to make the east entrance to the courthouse more weatherproof.

“We need somebody to look at it and give us some kind of design,” said Supervisor Jerry Tlach, board chairman. “Some type of entryway where you walk in, you’re inside before you walk through the main door.”

“You watch that door in the wintertime when it opens up the air blows in there,” said Supervisor Gary Rayhons.

“We feel it when that door opens,” agreed Recorder Tracy Marshall. The County Recorder’s office is closest in proximity to the east entrance.

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