Sequel to Titanium Lunchbox grosses in busy crowd on opening day

Sunday marked the grand opening of the Titanium Lunchbox 2 in Kanawha. Within fifteen minutes of opening the Titanium Lunchbox 2 had a steady stream of customers pour in.

Curran McLaughlin | The Leader


            If the grand opening for the Titanium Lunchbox 2 in Kanawha had been a movie release, it would have been a box-office smash-hit.

            Within fifteen minutes of opening on Sunday there was rarely a table empty for longer than a couple of minutes.

            Music from Mojo Productions blared out in front of the building on Main St.

            If one had taken a glance at the restaurant while walking by, it would seem dead with only a few people standing outside talking to the DJs.

            Entering the store, you would see the bright red and cool grey walls packed in with customers.

            12 tables of varying size were filled with Kanawha and Britt area residents who came to celebrate the opening of the restaurant.

            For hours, people wandered in, took a seat, visited with other patrons in the restaurant and enjoyed the hot and fresh food.

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