Ventura library alerts council to future needs

VENTURA – The City of Ventura will need to address some “big ticket” maintenance items for the 25-year-old public library in the near future.

Geri Delaney, president of the Ventura Library Board, and Robin Younge recently informed the city council of some of the needs facing the library. A furnace will need to be replaced, and the Library Board has secured a grant for that project.

The air conditioning unit attached to the furnace is also 25 years old.

The library building has two air conditioning/furnace units. The replacement cost is $6,700 each.

Aging furniture, light fixtures, paint and carpeting were also discussed.

Senior Congregate Meals

The future of the Senior Congregate Meal program at Ventura was discussed. The program is sponsored by the Elderbridge Agency on Aging.

Cindy Fistler, site manager and cook for the congregate meal program is stepping down from that position. She shared her concerns about keeping the program going.

A mid-day meal for senior citizens is prepared at the Ventura Community Center, Monday through Friday. Meals for the congregate meal programs at Britt and Kanawha are also prepared at Ventura, and delivered to those communities.

The program, which was started in Ventura in 1979, has seen dwindling participation by Ventura senior citizens. Fistler reported only four meals are delivered at home to senior citizens in Ventura; about 25 meals a day are transported to Britt and 20 to Kanawha.

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