West Hancock prepares for commencement

West Hancock Senior Class President Natalie Lemmoon, Secretary Bryce Hinton, Treasurer Dalton Subject and Vice President Gavin Becker.

Photo Courtesy of Holly Lang.

            West Hancock will hold its senior graduation this Sunday at 2 p.m. in the West Hancock High School Gym in Britt.

         The Class of 2019 will sit as students for one final time to celebrate a major step into adulthood by receiving their diploma from the faculty and board of directors of West Hancock Community School District.

         The class officers are made up of President Natalie Lemmon, Vice President Gavin Becker, Secretary Bryce Hinton and Treasurer Dalton Subject.

         The grade shows their school loyalty by having red and white roses for the class flower and keeping red and white as the class colors.

         They chose the following quote form an unknown author as the motto for the Class of 2019:

         “Together, we experience life. Separately, we will pursue our dreams. Forever, our memories will remain.”